Benefits of Giving

With so many ways for donors to give today, you may ask yourself – why should I choose to work with the Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Sacramento?

There are many reasons why donors choose to work with a local community foundation, such as to take advantage of the tax benefits of planned giving, to simplify their giving, or to leave a legacy for generations to come.

Any community foundation can do those things, but, what makes The Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Sacramento unique is we uphold your faith values by applying them to our business practices.

We do three things no one else does:

  • We screen our investments. All participant funds are invested in accord with our Social Responsibility Guidelines where social and moral responsibility for investments is guided by Roman Catholic teaching. Therefore, the “stewardship of resources” goes beyond simple fiduciary responsibilities of ensuring acceptable return on investments. Investments must reflect commitment to other values as well, such as the sacredness of life, the dignity of the individual, and the care for the poor.
  • We screen our grantees.  We do not make grants to charities whose activities are contrary to Church teaching – and we verify they are legitimate charities.
  • We ensure that funds held at The Catholic Foundation will support the mission of the Catholic Church, in solidarity with the Bishop.

For more reasons and benefits of working with The Catholic Foundation, visit our FAQ page.