2016 Report of Gratitude

You made the difference

Dear Parishioners,

If you participated in the Annual Catholic Appeal, we want to say, “Thank you!”

Your generosity enabled Catholic charitable organizations and parish ministries assist thousands of people, many in your own neighborhood. This year throughout the Diocese of Sacramento, a near-record number—more than 24,000 Catholic households—participated in the Appeal. You helped more than 200,000 men, women and children—sometimes entire families, receive material and financial assistance.

We may not all be able to work in a bread line, but together we financially supported the efforts of food lockers or St. Vincent de Paul Conferences. Together in spirit, we made home visits to drop off food, or deliver a check for a late rent payment or electric bill that occurred because of unexpected illness or job layoff.

Together, the funds we raised went directly to the organizations that provide support to people like Leon. Once homeless and struggling with mental illness, you helped Leon find an apartment, a car, and a job as he successfully manages his mental illness.

Together, we pray regularly for increased vocations to the priesthood. Your financial support helped to offset the expensive cost of educating the young men attending the seminary.

The Catholic community is generous and we understand our responsibility to give and care for others. Every day, countless good works are happening in the Diocese of Sacramento on your behalf through the Annual Catholic Appeal.

Now, as we celebrate Thanksgiving, in thanking God for all he has given us, we invite you to view the 2016 Annual Catholic Appeal “Report of Gratitude” online at The Catholic Foundation (tcfsac.org). Learn more about how you have helped others encounter Christ.

On behalf of your fellow parishioners, the Diocese, and all our brothers and sisters who needed assistance this year, we “thank you” for your generosity.

In the Peace of Christ,

+ Myron J. Cotta
Auxiliary Bishop, Diocese of Sacramento
Chair, 2016 Annual Catholic Appeal
Stan Devereux
Executive Director
The Catholic Foundation