Parish Ministry Fair

What is a Ministry Fair?

A Ministry Fair is an excellent way to communicate and personalize parish stewardship for all parishioners through the promotion of the various parish ministries and ways parishioners can practice their stewardship by sharing their gifts of time and talent. This is made possible by having representatives from all parish ministries available after all Masses on a weekend.

How do you do it?

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for the organization and coordination of the Ministry Fair. This responsibility includes:

  • Enlist the support of the pastor, who may write a letter to accompany the new Parish Ministries Catalog, or in the bulletin to encourage attendance at the Ministry Fair.
  • Set a theme, a timeline and responsibilities to coordinate the fair.
  • Establish a theme that reflects the unique nature of your parish and/or communicates excitement and fun. For example, one parish's theme was "stewardship - a celebration of diversity" and included food representing all ethnic groups represented in the parish.
  • Set the dates for the weekend of the Ministry Fair well in advance, and announce the dates as soon as they are determined.
  • Select and confirm a location to hold the Ministry Fair.
  • Personally contact the coordinator of each ministry in the parish and ask them to participate.
  • Each organization or ministry should have its own table, booth or space.
  • Encourage creative display of the ministries by having a contest for the most creative space.
  • Every ministry/organization should have someone at their space after all Masses.
  • Every ministry is to provide informational fliers. The fliers should include the date, time and place for the next event/meeting of that ministry, as well as the contact information for the coordinator of the ministry.
  • Advertise the fair to parishioners a few weeks ahead of time by using the bulletin, Mass announcements, the website, posters, and possibly a postcard to all households.
  • Uniform signs provided by the Parish Stewardship Committee for each ministry looks more professional and organized.
  • Provide refreshments that are an upgrade from the usual coffee and donuts.
  • Make for a fun and festive atmosphere by having balloons, streamers and music; give out balloons to the children who attend; and give out prizes.
  • Have a sign-up sheet/volunteer card to enlist new volunteers.
  • Each ministry coordinator is responsible for follow-up with the new volunteers identified at the fair.